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Fulfill Potential


Being able to leverage new emerging technologies is a key to success.  By providing my expertise as Microsoft Certified Solution Developer an organization can find new ways of solving business problems. As well gain new perspectives of how to leverage new technologies, to be competitive and innovative organization in ever-changing industry.

Proof of my level of skills and technical knowledge can be confirmed by my professional career, products that I have design and developed, and level of Microsoft Certification that I have achieved. Furthermore I also possess Bachelor Degree from York University in Information and Technology, and Computer Science. I feel so passionate about technology that I have designed and developed by myself successful, feature rich news web site,, where extensive use of new .NET technologies is utilized to provide rich user experience.

Beyond working with .NET since it was released in 2002, I actively participate in the developers' community through Microsoft technology seminars, blogging with Microsoft employees, and engaging with other .NET developers and IT professionals through my own, very popular Microsoft community web site. I am currently looking for contract position as application lead/developer in innovative and progressive organization.

*Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.